West Texas Food Bank

Virtual Food and Fund Drives

With the new West Texas Food Bank Virtual Food Drive, you can host your own food drive, big or small, and it all happens online! No more half empty collection barrels or throwing out expired food, and best of all if frees up the Food Bank trucks to get back to delivering much needed food to the 19 counties!

Signing up to host a Virtual Food Drive is easy. Just visit our website, register, and off you go! The Virtual Food Drives are perfect for both individuals and groups to help out the West Texas Food Bank, and they are going to be a hit around your office or church!

The power of the Virtual Food Drive is in the West Texas Food Bank’s access to food resources at or below manufacture’s cost. This means the Food Bank is able to double, triple or even quadruple what your dollar is able to buy. Make your dollar go even further this year by hosting a Virtual Food Drive for the West Texas Food Bank.

Click HERE to see our Virtual Food Drives or to start your own!