West Texas Food Bank

Nutrition & Wellness

Simply providing food to hungry West Texans isn’t enough. WTFB needs to make sure that those in our community understand the importance of basic nutrition, food safety, and making healthy choices. We have created programs to help achieve that goal and protect West Texans’ present and future well-being.

The Nutrition Education Program (SNAP-Ed)

The Nutrition Education Program, or SNAP-Ed, is an active learning initiative focused on basic nutrition, food safety, and healthier food choices. WTFB provides hands-on classes to help the community understand how their food choices affect their present and future health. We provide menu planning advice for nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks, tips for shopping on a small budget, and tools to help families make healthier choices. We also provide cooking demonstration classes, recipe creations, and taste testing!

Community Garden (Odessa – 2016)

Food banks in Feeding America’s network use community gardens for education, food production, environmental conservation, and more. At WTFB, we are incorporating our community gardens into our nutrition education program by collaborating with the Permian Basin Master Gardeners who will be working with the Food Bank to present educational opportunities as well as help manage and maintain our new gardens at our facilities. We also hope that our gardens will produce organic fruits and vegetables for distribution and for use in our Community Kitchen program as we provide gardening and food production techniques to help West Texans become self-sufficient.