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For over 30 years, the mission of the West Texas Food Bank has been to alleviate hunger through community partnerships. We are committed to providing access to food across our 19-county service area in West Texas.

As the population continues to grow in West Texas, so does its need for food. In 2013, our existing facility was out of date, overused, and under-prepared to serve hungry West Texans. We knew there was so much more we could do for our community, but we needed more space. The need for new facilities was imminent.

Directed by a vision from our dedicated board of directors and steering committee, we created a plan to build two new facilities: one in Odessa, and one in Midland. We also planned to upgrade the Alpine location. With overwhelming support from a generous community, and a zealous stream of energy, we reached our capital campaign goal of $13.3 million in 13 months.


Construction is underway for our new distribution center in Odessa, which will be located at 411 South Pagewood, Odessa. The new facility is planned to be operational by January of 2016. The 60,000 square-foot facility will serve as the West Texas Food Bank’s prime distribution center. It will more than double our current food storage capacity, and allow for more cold-storage space. This will increase our ability to accept a larger quantity and variety of perishable foods, like produce, meat, and dairy. Other features include:

  • Client choice pantry
  • Community kitchen
  • Children’s playground
  • Community garden
  • Community meeting room


Although WTFB has served Midland since 1985, the new facility will be our first physical presence in the city. We plan to refurbish and expand an existing building at 1601 Westcliff Drive in Midland, and turn it into our new Community Volunteer Center. The building and outdoor learning area will be approximately 20,000 square feet. Completion is expected by spring of 2016. Features include:

  • Demonstration kitchen
  • Client choice pantry
  • Community & training room
  • Warehouse, including a processing area, pallet storage, and receiving office
  • Earth-bermed (underground) greenhouse
  • Hunger-alleviating trail
  • Playground
  • Outdoor garden and water collection tank