West Texas Food Bank

With three teenagers under one roof, Brenda laughs and says there’s never a dull moment. She and her husband could not be more proud of their children, Cassie, 17; Star, 15, and Mayra, 13. Her family has had their fair share of struggles. Brenda’s husband has been unable to work since he suffered an injury...Read More


Restoring Hope for Seniors

Posted June 8, 2015

As Susie walks into the Ward Country Greater Works, a WTFB partner agency in Monahans, TX, she hugs everyone she sees. The 73-year-old’s smile lights up the room, and no one can detect her heartbreak or tragedy. Susie has endured the deaths of her husband and three children. Her longtime home burned down four years...Read More


Eloisa, a 71-year-old grandmother, has been caring for her two young grandchildren for several months. Despite health complications and surgeries, she always does her best for three-year-old Marie and 18-month-old Andres. But Eloisa can’t do it without help. Her monthly disability checks aren’t enough to cover her costs. For the past year, Eloisa has visited...Read More