Build Today Feed Tomorrow, a campaign to grow the west texas food bank

For 28 years, the West Texas Food Bank has been committed to providing access to food for those at risk of hunger across our 19-county service area. Our mission has remained the same throughout: to alleviate hunger through community partnerships.

As our population grows, so does the need for food. The increasing demand has seriously strained our capacity in our current distribution center, thereby limiting our ability to get food to those who need it most. We could do so much more for the hungry in our community – but we have to have the proper facilities. To put it simply, we have run out of space.

Our current facilities are out-of-date, over-used and under-prepared to serve hungry West Texans. With two new buildings, one in Midland and another in Odessa, we will be able to serve more people more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Campaign Update

We’re thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on our new 56,000 square foot distribution center in Odessa. We are so grateful to the foundations, corporations and individuals from both Midland and Odessa who have given generously to make this important project a reality. We are very close to reaching the $12.7 million fundraising goal that will allow the West Texas Food Bank to better serve our growing community.

In addition to the construction of a new distribution center in Odessa, proceeds from the campaign will support the refurbishment of a new facility donated by Michael and Cindy Black, and Melanie and Lea Crump that will serve as a community volunteer center in Midland. With the completion of the new facilities in Midland and Odessa, the Food Bank will be able to expand its programs, including the food to seniors program, a newly created garden and a prepared meal program for those who are homeless in Odessa. Our food storage capacity will more than double and additional cold-storage space will enable the distribution of a larger quantity and variety of perishable foods like produce, meat and dairy that are often the highest in nutritional value.

To see footage of the Odessa distribution center groundbreaking, play the video above or visit us on YouTube.

West Texas Is Growing...
Let’s Catch Up

As a result of the current economic boom, the population of Midland-Odessa is expected to continue increasing within the next decades. Some projections foresee an additional 100,000 people coming to Midland alone.

Our healthy economy presents us with a special opportunity to have an even greater impact in the lives of those less fortunate. We are confident that by taking advantage of this unique moment, we are making a lasting investment in West Texas.

Build Today, Feed Tomorrow

By increasing the efficiency with which we can get food to the people who need it most, the proposed plans would allow the West Texas Food Bank to serve more people than ever before.

Because of the inaccessibility of our current facilities, we have not been able to fully utilize one of the most crucial resources in nonprofit work: volunteers. Whether it’s helping us prepare food for distribution in the warehouse or filing paperwork in the office, volunteers fulfill a critical need. The proposed facility in Midland will be designated as the West Texas Food Bank’s Community Volunteer Center, where we will host trainings, house resources and make use of the many volunteer hands willing to help us distribute more food to those struggling in West Texas.

Additionally, the proposed 56,000 square foot facility in Odessa, which will serve as our primary distribution center, will more than double the Food Bank’s current food storage capacity.

Who Will Benefit?

To benefit children


Many parents in West Texas cannot afford the healthy foods their kids need to nourish their brains and bodies. When parents don’t have enough money to provide nutritious food for their children, it is to our whole community’s detriment. Studies show that kids who receive proper nutrition develop healthier brains, have better overall health and are more likely to graduate from high school. We are working hard to ensure that kids have all the food they need to grow into healthy, productive members of our community.

To benefit senior citizens

Senior Citizens

As West Texas’ population rises, so does the cost of living. While those who are prospering as a result of our booming economy may not feel the pinch of rising grocery, rent and utility bills, senior citizens living on fixed incomes are struggling to afford the most basic necessities. Seniors often tell us that they’ve had to sacrifice meals in order to buy medicine or pay a utility bill. By partnering with area senior citizen centers and food pantries, the Food Bank is bettering the lives of older West Texans.

To benefit the working poor

The Working Poor

The number of West Texans in our service area living at or below the poverty level is high, yet the unemployment rate in Midland-Odessa remains low. This combination indicates our community has a significant population of the “working poor” – hardworking men and women who, despite juggling two or three part-time jobs, still do not earn enough to provide for all of their needs. The Food Bank is doing all we can to make sure that West Texans of all ages have enough food to succeed at work, school and life.

We Need Your Help.

As you can see, the time to build for tomorrow is now. By taking advantage of this special moment of prosperity, we are investing in a better West Texas for years to come. Will you join the West Texas Food Bank in this exciting project to make sure we are prepared to feed the future? Your partnership and substantial support are crucial to the success of this project. As always, thank you for your time and commitment to our community.

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