West Texas Food Bank


Organization History

For more than 20 fulfilling years, our mission has been the same: to alleviate hunger through community partnerships. We bring nutritious eats to those who need them most, and we savor every scrumptious minute of it—we always will and we always have.

It all began in 1985, when a small group of concerned citizens joined together. Their mission? To alleviate hunger. It was a noble goal, a lofty goal—but we have worked hard every year since to achieve it.

In our first year, the West Texas Food Bank used a meager $50,000 budget to bring 203,000 pounds of food to 40 partners.

The West Texas Food Bank’s primary purpose is to provide our partners with corporate and private donations of food and groceries, who, in turn, distribute that food out to approximately 75,000 individuals (estimate for 2013). Included in that network of charitable organizations are daycare centers, youth programs, senior centers, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, residential shelters, rehabilitation centers and food pantries. As the clearinghouse and hub of a giant food distribution wheel, we are able to give these small-scale organizations bulk-buying power and bulk storage space. And our dedicated focus brings more public awareness to the critical issue of hunger.

The core of our mission is to bring people the food they need, and millions of pounds of food a year goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal. But our organization is constantly evolving, and we have juiced up our standard services to help people not just eat, but learn to eat right.

In 2004-05, the Food Bank began to collaborate with youth service groups throughout the region to provide Nutrition Education, a weekend lunch program, and Kids Cafe©, an after-school meal program in concert with the efforts of the Boys and Girls Club in Midland and Odessa, not to mention our backpack partners, who fill sacks of kid-friendly food for children who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend.

And while all this working and eating and teaching and more eating goes a long way, we are far from the end of our fight—which is why West Texas Food Bank is constantly working to increase public awareness on issues of hunger. Public awareness boosts donations of food and dollars as well as informs those in need of what help is available in West Texas. It also spreads the word about the importance of eating right.

West Texas Food Bank has lots of friends in high places. We are a member in good standing with Feeding America–The Nation’s Food Bank Network and the Texas Food Bank Network. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Federal Emergency Management Administration have entrusted us to provide emergency and disaster food assistance throughout West Texas and to provide other regions with emergency assistance as needed.

We are the West Texas Food Bank, and we want to put food on everyone’s plate.

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